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Wills, Trust and Tax Planning

Well thought out and well drafted Wills can help you to look after the people you care about the most after you are gone, ensuring that your Estate can be administered with the minimum amount of disruption and to the maximum benefit of those you leave behind. Tax liabilities can be managed, disagreements minimised, minor children cared for and your assets left in accordance with your wishes.

To die without a valid Will (intestate), or with a Will that is poorly drafted or out of date, will not only complicate matters for those left to sort out your Estate but can lead to serious repercussions for those who rely on you the most.

  • Your Estate may not go to the people you intended
  • Your surviving spouse or partner may be unable to access the money they require
  • Your beneficiaries may be faced with a large inheritance tax bill to pay
  • The value of your Estate may be severely reduced by the increased time taken for its administration and the increased possibility of disagreements between beneficiaries

We can help to:

  • Draft Wills and Codicils – incorporating Trusts, if appropriate, for family or tax reasons 
  • Minimise exposure to inheritance and other taxes
  • Deal with guardianship and other issues affecting minor children
  • Minimise the risk of disagreements between beneficiaries and claims against the Estate 
  • Protect family members and their assets from third party claims, for example in divorce


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