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Court of Protection

The Court of Protection was set up to help protect and manage the property and financial affairs of people with mental incapacity to prevent them from being exploited or denied what is rightfully theirs.

This can cover situations including where there are no family or friends to take on such a responsibility and cases where there may be a family conflict, a financial issue or where Social Services are involved. It can also include complex cases that relatives are not willing or able to deal with.

The firm is very experienced in this highly specialised area of work. We can assist you if somebody close to you requires the help of the Court of Protection.

Services we can offer

We can:

  • Apply to have a Deputy appointed
  • Act as a Deputy or act for an appointed Deputy
  • Apply for a Statutory Will or authority to make a gift
  • Manage all financial affairs and set up personal care arrangements as needed

We understand that all Court Of Protection cases are unique. Different court powers will apply depending on how substantial the individual’s.




Other Services

  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Probate
  • Wills Trust & Tax Planning
  • Residential Conveyancing

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